PENTAGON’s E’Dawn And YanAn Will Not Attend Upcoming Fan Club Event

Fans are outraged at how Cube Entertainment handled the situation.

Cube Entertainment made an official announcement about E’Dawn and YanAn‘s absence in the upcoming fan club event for PENTAGON.


They revealed that E’Dawn will not attend due to his personal affairs and YanAn won’t be able to attend due to previous schedules that could not be rearranged.


This is Cube Entertainment.

We would like to inform you that a few of the members will not be able to attend the ‘UNIBIRTHDAY’ (PENTAGON’s PRIVATE CLASS) that will take place on August 11.

Due to E’Dawn’s internal affairs and YanAn’s unchangeable schedules, they will not be able to attend the inauguration ceremony.

We sincerely apologize for causing inconvenience to all the fans who have waited for this event, and we ask for your deep understanding.

Thank you.”

— Cube Entertainment


PENTAGON fans were enraged by the announcement as they felt Cube Entertainment didn’t understand how important the 1st fan club inauguration ceremony meant to the members and the fans.

  • “Does it honestly make sense for members to be absent from inauguration ceremonies for their fanclub?… Even so, shouldn’t you let us know before we buy our tickets?”
  • “Does Cube not understand how much a fan club inauguration ceremony means?? Fans have been waiting for this even before their debut.”
  • “Are you saying E’Dawn and YanAn aren’t PENTAGON members?”


Many also assumed E’Dawn’s “internal affairs” has to do with his recent dating confirmation with labelmate Hyuna. Korean netizens have been reacting negatively towards their relationship news.

  • “Just make E’Dawn leave PENTAGON.”
  • “Are you discussing his departure from the group? Then I’ll understand why he won’t attend.”


PENTAGON’s ‘UNIBIRTHDAY’ (PENTAGON’s PRIVATE CLASS) will take place as scheduled on August 11.