“Way More Than Overqualified” — PENTAGON’s Hui Leaves Fans In Awe Of His “Savage” Introduction Video For Mnet’s “Boys Planet”

“Why does he even need to compete atp?”

K-Pop fans are curiously waiting for the start of Mnet‘s newest survival show, Boys Planet. Although the show won’t start airing until February, Mnet has already released profiles for the contestants and given a preview of their skills with their “Here I Am” performance.

The lineup of contestants included some surprises for fans as there are several already-debuted K-Pop idols, including former TO1 members Woonggi and Jerome, UP10TION‘s Xiao and Hwanhee, and PENTAGON‘s Hui.

Fans were perhaps most surprised by Hui’s appearance as a contestant. The talented idol made his debut as the leader of PENTAGON in 2016 and also was a part of the popular co-ed group Triple H with HyunA and DAWN. He is also a part of the project trot boy group Super Five.

PENTAGON’s Hui | @huitag_me/Instagram

Aside from being well-known as an idol in the industry, Hui has continually shown his talents with the hit songs he has produced. In addition to producing some of PENTAGON’s hits like “Shine” and “Naughty Boy,” and popular songs for other K-Pop groups, Hui has also produced hit songs for, ironically enough, Mnet, including…

Wanna One‘s “Energetic”

Produce 101‘s “Never”

… And Produce X 101‘s “Boyness.”

Given that Hui has shown his expertise in producing multiple songs for other Mnet survival shows, fans were shocked that he would appear as a contestant.

Hui himself seems to acknowledge the irony in his self-introduction video for Boys Planet. Normally during these videos, contestants try to stand out to fans, wanting to make a memorable impression with their talent, visuals, or even humor.

And there’s no denying that Hui’s video is iconic as the idol not only showed off his incredible vocal ability but also sang snippets of the three songs he’d produced for Mnet’s other survival shows.

PENTAGON Hui’s self-introduction video | Mnet K-POP/YouTube 

Fans loved his approach at a self-introduction video.

Even if they were still in shock at why such an “overqualified” contestant would have to compete at all.

Although K-Pop fans can agree that it’s “unreal” to see Hui competing in a survival show despite being a well-known name in the industry, there’s no denying that he is about to stun viewers with his insane skills.

You can watch Hui’s self-introduction video here.

You can read more about the contestants here.

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