PENTAGON Hui’s New YouTube Series Will Save Us All From The Fashion Police

Let Hui show you how to stay trendy!

CUBE Entertainment released, on its official YouTube channel, a brand new video of PENTAGON‘s Hui talking about his trendy outfits and it’s helping his male fans stay out of trouble with the fashion police!


In this video, Hui explained that he wanted to cover what he has learned about the world of fashion throughout his years as a trainee and a successfully debuted idol. From what he figured out on his own to what he picked up from his stylists, Hui discussed in detail why he dressed the way he did on certain days – by going over his outfits one by one.


For his first outfit, Hui said he went for the basic student look. By layering a long sleeved shirt underneath a collared short sleeve button up shirt, Hui explained that he completed a cute, casual, college look. He pointed out that anyone who wants to try this style can also try accessorizing by rolling up the long sleeves and adding bracelets that are eye-catching.


Hui also reviewed his “boys night out” look. He claimed that, because he had a night out planned with his friends, he wanted to put on something that made him look mature and fancy. He picked out his fanciest denim, that had rips and chains, and matched it with a simple black shirt and black boots. Hui pointed out that thanks to the funky fun pants, the outfit was just the right amount of wild while not over the top fancy!


Hui even talked about how his outfit impacts his music. On a day he had to work on a “hipster” song, Hui said he put on an equally hipster and trendy outfit to get him in the right kind of mood!


Throughout this 10-minute long video, Hui looked like he was having a blast talking about his fashion. Fans are falling in love with how passionate he seems about this new series and even finding the information quite useful for their daily outfit planning. Now, fans can’t wait to find out what else he has to share on the next episode of “Hui’s What To Wear Today”.

Watch the full clip below: