PENTAGON’s Hui Accidentally Had A Nip-Slip Incident And All The Members Immediately Freaked Out

A legendary moment for a legendary idol!

PENTAGON‘s Hui attended the showcase for their latest album, “UNIVERSE : THE BLACK HALL”. As one of the main producers for the group, Hui had everyone’s attention during the whole event.

But Hui caught everyone’s eyes for a completely different reason during their photo time where all of the members lined up for a charismatic photo to promote their new album.

Hui’s shirt accidentally fell open a little too wide and his left nipple decided to peek out in front of all the press and audience!

The members all immediately freaked out as they noticed Hui’s little incident! Poor Hui turned to his members after realizing his nip-slip, but the members clapped as they couldn’t hold in their surprise and laughter.

Hui couldn’t get over his embarrassment as he didn’t know what to do with himself. He tried the pose again for his members but to no avail as they continued to laugh at his situation!

But at the end, Jinho came up with a solution to console Hui! Jinho took his free arm and placed it directly over Hui’s chest to cover up any possible nip-slip.

The epitome of professionalism!

But what else would you expect from this batch of hilarious brothers?!

Check out the full situation below: