PENTAGON’s Kino And ASTRO’s JinJin Reveal Why They Have Such Good Chemistry

Surprisingly enough, they’ve been good friends for awhile!

PENTAGON‘s Kino and ASTRO‘s JinJin talk about their surprisingly closely friendship in the teaser video for their new podcast UNBOXING W/ JINJIN & KINO.

Kino (left) and JinJin (right) | DIVE Studios/YouTube

Kino admits that the two of them suddenly hosting a podcast might be surprising to fans, as their public interactions tend to be brief and limited to when they are on a show, or performing together as they did for M Countdown. JinJin explains their friendship by revealing that they’ve known each other ever since middle school.

The two of them not only attended high school together, but also went to the same dance school when they were younger: Hanlim Multi Art School. While they were in different teams at dance school— Kino in the Hip-Hop and House team and JinJin in the Urban Dance team— they still managed to become close friends. That explains why their chemistry is so great!

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