Pentagon’s Kino Says His Vacation In Boracay, Philippines, Was “Like A Movie”—Here’s Why

He visited the Philippines in 2018.

Boracay is famous island in the Philippines known for its beautiful resorts and beaches.

Many celebrities from all over the world have visited it, and Pentagon‘s Kino is one of them!

Pentagon’s Kino

Recently, boy group Pentagon sat down for an interview with Philippine news channel ABS-CBN, where Kino was asked about his trip to Boracay in 2018.

Kino, you went to Boracay in 2018. Can you tell us more about that trip? Do you plan on visiting again?

— ABS-CBN News

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Hearing the question, Kino instantly perked up and started fondly reminiscing on the vacation. He likened it to a movie and shared one of his fondest memories from that time.

One night, he visited a bar on the beach with his family and was surprised to see how friendly everyone was.

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People would walk by their table and greet him, and he would do the same.

So much. Actually, I went on a family vacation to Boracay, and I think it was a trip that my whole family was satisfied with. That night was really like a movie. Like really… Everyone at the bars on the beach was saying hello when they walked by, and I said hi back.

— Kino

As the night wore on, the fun only increased. Several local dancers made a fire and saw him sitting nearby. They pulled him with them and asked him to dance. Luckily, given his job as a K-Pop idol, he had no qualms about dancing in front of strangers!

There were these dancers who had made a fire. I was sitting close by and the two dancers pulled me to go and dance with them. I was dancing in front of strangers, and it was a blast.

— Kino

Kino went on to praise the stunning Boracay ocean and shared his wish to visit it again.

It was so fun, and [they were] things that I can’t really experience in real life. The fact that I could do these things casually, was sort of, something only on a vacation. The color of the ocean in Boracay was also really beautiful. Yeah, I want to go there again.

— Kino

Hopefully, Kino will have the chance to revisit the Philippines. Filipinos will once again welcome him with open arms!

| @rndvsh/Twitter
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