PENTAGON’s Yanan Gains Attention For His Statue-Esque Physique During Latest Comeback, And Netizens Are Shook

The duality is unreal!

After almost ten months, PENTAGON returned with their latest album IN:VITE U and the lead track “Feelin’ Like.” A lot has changed since their last comeback, including the return of the oldest member Jinho, and a new style of music that showcases just how diverse the group is.

Members of PENTAGON | @CUBE_PTG/ Twitter

Yet, alongside a music video that is dark, sexy, and obviously sultry AF, showcasing the groups’ mature side…

| PENTAGON/ YouTube 

And just being a general bop that topped Korean domestic charts.  Yet, something else caught the attention of netizens watching, and it was the members’ visuals.

One member particularly caught the attention of netizens for their statue-esque figures and visuals, and it was none other than Yanan.

In the past, the Shanghai Prince has always caught the attention of fans for his pure and angelic visuals. It was combined perfectly with his innocent personality and unbeatable charm.

PENTAGON’s Yanan | CUBE Entertainment

However, netizens have noticed that this comeback, something has changed in Yanan… and his physique. The minute the concept photos were released, fans couldn’t get enough of his visuals and those arms!

| @CUBE_PTG/ Twitter

When the music video was released, it was just as amazing, with Yanan’s proportions being off the chart with his tall physique and now toned arms.

| PENTAGON/ YouTube 

If UNIVERSE thought this was too much, they were only going to be gifted more as Yanan proved to be a true visual king during the group’s showcases to promote the new album. He was more than happy to showcase his new muscles in a sparkling black outfit…

Like what even is Yanan doing to us?

| TongTongCulture/ YouTube 

There was even a bit of skin showing and really, it was the icing on top of the cake…

| @theseoulstory/ Twitter

And even a striking red number with accessories that Yanan has never worn before. Fans were shook by the duality of someone who has always been seen as the group’s cutest and most innocent member.

| @oyoy6200/ Twitter

Korean media even compared him to a statue alongside Hongseok, who is known for sporting an impressive physique through his workouts.

Yanan (left) and Hongseok (right) | News1

Of course, once netizens watched the music video and showcase, they couldn’t help but share their own thoughts on Yanan’s newly showcased physique alongside his “Princely” visuals.

The members showcased their own unique styles and personalities through their outfits, becoming true shining stars for UNIVERSE. For many, PENTAGON is one of the most underrated groups in K-Pop. Hopefully, with their new track quickly gaining success, it will give them a bigger platform to show just how talented they really are.

You can read more about the success of their latest track, “Feelin’ Like,” below.

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