PENTAGON Yuto Spotted On A Date With CLC Yeeun

This was not the first time they were spotted together.

Following the news of PENTAGON’s Hui and (G)I-DLE’s Soojin relationship and E’Dawn and HyunA’s relationship, netizens are now suspecting that another PENTAGON member, Yuto, is also in a relationship.


Suspicions arose when a photo of what an SNS user claimed to be Yuto on a date with CLC’s Yeeun began to spread on the internet.

A photo of a couple on the street was shared by an SNS user who claimed that “Yeeun and Yuto were openly dating on the streets of Seongsu-dong”.


This was not the first time netizens suspected that the two idols were dating. The two were spotted in the past along with another man who is supposedly one of their managers.


Fans had found photos of the idols wearing the same items as in the photo to prove that it was indeed them.


At the time, the idols did not respond to the suspicions and the rumors eventually died down.


With the dating rumors of Hui and E’Dawn having been confirmed earlier in the day, however, netizens are assuming that Yuto’s dating rumors are also true and have been criticizing Cube Entertainment for mismanaging their artists.

  • “What are going to do with the PENTAGON members? They’re just starting to gain some popularity but even if they broke up, they still dated and that was when the (G)-IDLE member was a trainee… Their image is being ruined with people saying ‘Did PENTAGON debut to date female idols?’ and ‘Did the (G)-IDLE members not practice and only date during their trainee days?’. What about the other members? Poor them…”
  • “Wow, now that it’s come this far BTOB is actually very admirable lol. What is Cube doing?”
  • “Lol they’re seriously crazy. What are they doing?”
  • “Are they going around dating each other? Cube is not doing their job.”
  • “Cube must not have any restraints on dating but even so, if rookie idols start getting involved in all these dating rumors at a time when they need to be attracting a fandom, don’t they know they’re images will be ruined? They should know this already…”
  • “A crazy party indeed!”


Moreover, they have been voicing their opinions that other Cube artists should immediately leave the agency.

  • “Wtf…this is just a huge crazy party, isn’t it? How are fans supposed to take this? I can’t process this in my head right now. Lai Kuanlin, Seonho and BTOB please get out of there!”
  • “Kuanlin, Seonho and Soyeon, let’s leave Cube…”
  • “Everyone’s dating except for Jinho…Hurry up and escape out of there Jinho!”
  • “Kuanlin and Seonho…I was a bit relieved that you were at Cube but…I think it’s time you left. Please, not Linlin and Seonho…”


Meanwhile, netizens have even gone as far as to suspect that PENTAGON’s Shinwon is now dating CLC’s Eunbin.

Netizens found a photo of Eunbin at the movie theater with a person wearing a striped shirt next to her.

Shinwon was wearing a shirt that looked similar to the pattern of the person next to Eunbin in another photo.

Source: Star Today and Pann Nate