Pentatonix members listen and react to K-Pop for the first time

Pentatonix members listen and react to hearing K-Pop for the first time, and it seems like they will soon be added to the list of American celebrities who love K-Pop.

A recent video of famous acapella group Pentatonix members Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying has surfaced where the two members can be seen listening to K-Pop for the first time. With many K-Pop groups recently entering the US Billboard Charts, it comes as no surprise that other singers are starting to notice and take an interest in the music.

In the video, the two were captured scrolling through a K-Pop playlist they found on Apple Music and briefly listening to some of the latest Kpop songs including IU‘s “Palette“, WINNER‘s “REALLY REALLY” and even Triple H‘s “365 Fresh“.

Even though they only listened to snippets of the songs, their reactions were definitely positive with Mitch remarking that it doesn’t even sound as different as he expected.

You can check out the video below!