“Penthouse 3” Accepts Criticism Of Racist Portrayal Of Character And Changes Park Eun Seok’s Hairstyle

They have made the decision to change the hairstyle.

It looks like the production team has accepted the racist portrayal of actor Park Eun Seok’s hairstyle for the character “Alex.” According to media outlet SPOTVNEWS, the SBS production team for the K-Drama Penthouse 3 accepted the racism controversy that emerged at the beginning of season three and changed Alex’s (Park Eun Seok’s) hairstyle.

The drama was accused of racism after Logan Lee’s (played by Park Eun Seok) older brother Alex made an appearance, gaining attention from viewers for his rough image with reggae hair, gold teeth, and tattoos. After long consideration, the team decided to accept the criticism they received from overseas and changed the hairstyle for the recent recordings.

Previously, international viewers voiced their opinions regarding the racist portrayal of the new character Alex in Penthouse 3. To this, the production team revealed that there was “no intention to make fun or mock a specific race or culture.” Actor Park Eun Seok also released an apology regarding the matter.

Source: spotvnews