One “Penthouse 3” Scene Was So Stressful, It Gave Actress Kim So Yeon Nightmares

If you think this scene was stressful as a viewer, imagine how rough it was for Cheon Seo Jin’s actress!

If some of the scenes in SBS‘s hit drama The Penthouse: War in Life had you stressed out on the edge of your seat, you’re not the only one. Following the end of the show’s third (and likely final) season last week, Cheon Seo Jin actress Kim So Yeon reveals filming one scene was so stressful, she actually had nightmares.

As Penthouse‘s key villainess, Cheon Seo Jin had plenty of crazy, high-octane, and nail-biting scenes for Kim So Yeon to portray. However, when asked which scene was the hardest for her to act out, she immediately had a specific answer in mind.

Kim So Yeon | @sysysy1102/Instagram

As the evil Cheon Seo Jin,” Kim So Yeon explained, “I’ve acted in a high number of scenes where she showed the most villain-like behaviors.” Though it can’t be easy to act out malicious actions when you’re a genuinely good person, Kim had a great way of making sure she portrayed Cheon Seo Jin well.

Kim So Yeon as Cheon Seo Jin | SBS

During those scenes, I kept reminding myself that everything Cheon Seo Jin was doing was the right thing to do, because that’s how she would really think.

— Kim So Yeon

That said, there was one scene in particular that her method just wouldn’t work for. “It was the scene where Cheon Seo Jin just let Oh Yoon Hee fall off a cliff,” reveals Kim So Yeon.


Taking place in episode five of Penthouse‘s third season, the scene sees Eugene‘s character Oh Yoon Hee hanging onto a cliff’s edge while blocking a car from falling into the water below. Inside the car is Seo Jin’s daughter, Ha Eun Byeol, unconscious.

Eugene as Oh Yoon Hee | SBS

Instead of helping her, Seo Jin tells Yoon Hee, “Our bad relationship ends like this.” After saving her daughter’s life, Seo Jin goes on to viciously push the car—and Yoon Hee—over the edge of the cliff completely. As the scene closes, the villainess says with an evil smile, “In the end, I won, Oh Yoon Hee.”


If you were shocked by the scene as a viewer, you weren’t alone. Kim So Yeon revealed she was “in pure shock” when she first read the scene’s script. She even told herself that once the drama ended, she was going to hate Cheon Seo Jin. But that wasn’t enough to get her through the filming without concern.


In fact, Kim confessed, “I struggled a lot emotionally after filming that scene.” She was so stressed; she even had a nightmare about Seo Jin’s actions. To ease her struggles, Kim says she went on to text Eugene before the episode aired because she felt so bad about what happened to Yoon Hee.


That said, despite everything she went through, Kim So Yeon certainly did a stellar job of acting out the evil action. No wonder she scooped the “Best Actress” trophy for her role at the 2021 Baeksang Arts Awards!

Relive the scene here:

Source: SBS News