“The Penthouse” Actress Kim So Yeon Defends Her Husband From Gaslighting Allegations — Netizens React

The allegations stem from the actress’s comments on a recent variety show appearance.

Actress Kim So Yeon defended her husband from gaslighting allegations stemming from the actress’s comments on a recent variety show appearance.

Kim So Yeon | Star News

On May 7, Kim So Yeon uploaded an Instagram story in which she explained the comments she made on a recent appearance on a variety show.

(My husband) is the one who cares most about my health and worries for me.

He said that for my health, rather than turn on the heater too early, I should raise my immune system through exercising and turn on the heater around November.

We decided to turn on the heater on my birthday, November 2, for laughs! Thanks to him, I think I have become healthier. (To be honest, he doesn’t like it when the house is too hot. I feel bad for him that his Fall and Winter are hot).

Due to my poor speaking skills, my expressions were very lacking. Last year was such a fun memory that I… Thank you for your concerns..

— Kim So Yeon

Recently, Kim So Yeon’s husband, Lee Sang Woo, was swirled up in allegations accusing him of gaslighting and mistreating his wife.

Lee Sang Woo |

The controversy stems from Kim So Yeon’s recent appearance on You Quiz On The Block. On the show, Kim So Yeon revealed that her husband did not like to turn on the heater inside the house, and explained, why.

Top (left) Yoo Jae Suk and (right) Jo Se Ho on Yoo Quiz On The Block |

Lee Sang Woo wants to raise me to be strong so he doesn’t turn on the heater inside the house. Lee Sang Woo believes to not be affected by the cold outside, the house needs to be at a certain (chilly) temperature. But now we do turn on the heater. I get really cold, so starting in late September-October, I want to turn on the heater, but Lee Sang Woo doesn’t let me.

But now we have a day on which we turn on the heater. Because my birthday is on November 2, I asked that we turn on the heater from that day, and last year on my birthday, we turned on the heater as soon as we woke up.

The good thing about this is that when you grow older, your birthday doesn’t hold the same meaning, but last year I was really waiting for my birthday and thought this arrangement had its perks.

— Kim So Yeon

After the episode aired, some netizens reportedly claimed that the actress didn’t have a healthy relationship with her husband and expressed concern for the actress. Some netizens on Twitter even went far as to allege that Lee Sang Woo was gaslighting Kim So Yeon.

When listening to her (Kim So Yeon) talking about her husband, something is off. I don’t think they have a healthy relationship. She said that despite her getting cold easily, her husband doesn’t let her turn on the heater until her birthday in November. She also said when she won the Daesang and was excited, her husband told her to calm down and that she shouldn’t be over-excited. I mean, it’s the Daesang

— Netizen

Once the news of Kim So Yeon’s explanation reached online communities, netizens overwhelmingly defended the couple. Many netizens criticized those for making a big deal of her comments and alleged that those criticizing Lee Sang Woo were just jealous of the couple’s relationship.

  • “I also get hot easily, so I turn on the heater around December-January. It’s not like she is saying they fought over this, but that they were both considerate of each other, but netizens always need to make a villain out of somebody. It’s not like there are other means of getting warm besides the heater.”
  • “It was such a cute memory… I hope So Yeon unnie doesn’t blame herself, ㅠㅠ.”
  • “Crazy f@ckers, seriously…”
  • “There are so many people in this community that feel married women are unhappy and are happy only when these feelings are confirmed, LOL. Please know that there are a lot of happy married women and that they are too busy living happily with their husbands to write about their ‘unhappy’ married life here.”
  • “I hope that she doesn’t blame herself because of these nosey people…ㅠㅠ. They are a couple who is very loving, sigh. You guys should get a life.”
  • “Does Lee Sang Woo have allergies? If he does, turning on the heater seriously clogs up your nose, ㅠㅠ. It’s seriously so frustrating, and (September-October) is when allergies are the worst. Still, it’s nice to hear that they spend their Winters warm.”
  • “It’s infuriating to see those who have sworn off getting married always tell themselves that married woman who says they are happy are being gaslighted, and then troll those who are happily married by sarcastically telling them to ‘Continue to be happy.’
  • “Isn’t turning on the heater in November a little early anyways? I don’t know what’s wrong with that.”
  • “People (netizens) like that need to be rounded up on an island to live without the internet. Tsk tsk, they should just worry about their lives. Why are they criticizing a happily married couple with their convoluted and twisted morals?”

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Source: star today and theqoo