SBS K-Drama “Penthouse” Drops Potential Spoilers In Opening Teaser For Season 3

Keep these images in mind when watching the new season!

An opening teaser dropped for the upcoming new season of SBS K-Drama Penthouse.

Recently, before airing SBS’s Taxi Driver, they played a short 15 second teaser video for the next season of Penthouse.

In this teaser, it shows the Hera Palace statue with a butterfly tattoo and Min Seol Ah’s necklace, along with the trophy.

Viewers believe that these scenes from the teaser are most likely spoilers for the upcoming season as they have dropped spoilers in season 1 and 2’s teaser videos as well.

In the previous special episode for Penthouse 2 Hidden Room, host Shin Dong Yeop stated, “This season’s first episode will start with one of the most shocking events out of all the seasons. Something crazy will happen at the Hera Palace statue”.

Mark your calendars for the first episode airing at 10 PM KST on June 4!

Source: insight