“Penthouse” Star S.E.S Eugene’s 2-Year-Old Daughter Is One Of BTS’s Youngest (& Cutest) Fans

And she seems to have a bias!

In the midst of shooting for the second season of hit drama Penthouse: War in Life, actress Eugene shared some adorable photos of her 2-year-old ARMY daughter.

Originally part of first-generation SM Entertainment girl group S.E.S, Eugene has since made a name for herself as an actress. The K-Drama everyone knows her for right now is The Penthouse: War in Life, a suspense show drawing in millions of viewers around the world thanks to its exaggerated, twist-filled plot.

Alongside her successful career as a singer and an actress, 39-year-old Eugene is also a mother. After marrying her Creating Destiny co-star, Ki Tae Young, Eugene gave birth to two daughters: Ro Hee (2015) and Ro Rin (2018). Ro Hee previously caught the public eye when she became part of the cast of The Return of Superman, but now Ro Rin is the one attracting attention—and it’s all because of her love for BTS.

| @eugene810303/Instagram

Ro Rin may only be 2 years and 5 months old, but she’s already been enjoy BTS’s music since she was a year old. Yesterday, Eugene uploaded the cutest photos of Ro Rin to Instagram showing off her BTS cover skills.

| @eugene810303/Instagram

According to Eugene’s caption, the snaps were taken eight months ago when Ro Rin was around 1 year and 9 months old. At first, it may just seem like Ro Rin is striking model poses, but look a little closer and you may recognize who she’s imitating…

| @eugene810303/Instagram

It’s none other than BTS’s Jimin in “Boy With Luv”! Looks like she has a bias already.

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube

Eugene revealed that “Boy With Luv” used to be Ro Rin’s favorite song, gushing over her daughter’s impressive and adorable dance lines. There’s no doubt that this little toddler is one of BTS’s cutest fans of all time.

It’s already been 8 months since our youngest’s dancing time. Check out her dancing lines. Imitating Jimin’s dancing from what was her favorite song, ‘Boy With Luv’.

— Eugene

Who knows—maybe Ro Rin will follow in her mother’s footsteps and join a K-Pop group of her own one day. In the meantime, don’t forget to catch Eugene in season two of Penthouse: War in Life on February 19, 2021.