“Penthouse” Actor Lee Taevin Has An IQ Of 142, But Gave Up Studying To Pursue Acting

He also revealed why he became an actor!

Penthouse actor Lee Taevin showed off his high IQ, and also revealed how passionate he was to follow the path of acting!

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Lee Taevin recently made an appearance on SBSPlus‘s Do You Eat Rice?, where he shared new information about himself!

The hosts soon brought up his IQ level, and Lee Taevin confirmed that it was indeed a true fact- he has an IQ of 142!

It’s true. I didn’t study at all in elementary school but if I looked through the book a day before a test, I would get a 100.

—Lee Taevin

He shared more stories of his IQ from his childhood, revealing how in the fourth grade, he had the opportunity to take a test for the gifted and talented!

They only chose 20 people from the city and I was lucky enough to be chosen. I kept passing the test so I was able to attend for six years.

—Lee Taevin

Lee Taevin also revealed that he also went to study abroad in New Zealand, and worked hard at his studies. But his dream to become an actor kept nagging at his heart, and he chose to come back to Korea to give his dreams a shot, much to the disapproval of his family.

I chose to come back home, but because my family felt that I was talented in studying, they were against my wish to pursue acting. They told me to at least graduate if I wanted to try acting.

—Lee Taevin

He, however, felt that even if he waited till he graduated, even that time would be wasted so he packed his bags and returned to Korea quickly. After returning, he debuted with the idol group MYTEEN.

MYTEEN | Music Works

Lee Taevin ended up leaving the group a year later to focus on acting, and expressed his regrets for his former members who worked hard in the group.

I felt bad to the other members because I wasn’t even that good at singing. My dream then was still to become an actor.

—Lee Taevin

Lee Taevin is set to return in season 3 of Penthouse. Stay tuned to see him in the new season soon!

Source: Insight Korea