Most People Don’t Know This, But Seo Ye Ji Is Actually An Honorary Police Officer

Not all Korean celebrities can achieve this tremendous accomplishment, so congratulations!

Currently, with the popularity of tvN‘s drama, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, viewers of the show may associate Seo Ye Ji with her role as a children’s book author.

Long-time fans of the actress may also know her from her role as an attorney in her previous drama, Lawless Lawyer.

But did you know that Ye Ji is actually an honorary police officer in real life?

According to her agency, King Entertainment, Seo Ye Ji was appointed as an honorary police officer at the “2018 Meeting of Broadcast/Film Producers Who Were With Police Officers” event. The prestigious event was held at the National Police Agency’s Cultural Garden — it was even attended by thirty directors, producing directors, and writers who produced police-centered content.

During this event, she received a letter of appointment and was even awarded the rank of honorary constable.

“I’m very honored and I feel a crucial responsibility to have been appointed an honorary police officer.

– Seo Ye Ji

The police agency remarked that they decided to appoint Seo Ye Ji as an honorary police officer because of the deep impression she left the viewers during her role as a righteous attorney in Lawless Lawyer.

In response, the actress said that she will continue to show a good side of herself as a responsible citizen and as an actor as well.

I will continue to participate in activities for the citizens and the police. Also, I will do my best to show a good side of myself as an actor next year.”

– Seo Ye Ji

Being an honorary police officer is a great accomplishment, so congratulations, Ye Ji! Now, as one of her fans, have you heard about the opinions of the viewers on her most recent drama? Check out the next article below for the full details!

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Source: Naver