This Is What People Expect From YG Entertainment In 2020

What they are expecting from the company.

Arguably one of the Big Three companies, this is what people are expecting from YG Entertainment for 2020. This article will also contain some plans the company has for their groups.

BLACKPINK has an early 2020 comeback planned, and many believe the group will only have at most two comebacks this year. Some even wonder if their comeback at the start of the year will push through, since the company has a track record of breaking their promises.

People are expecting minimal activities from WINNER since member Jinwoo is expected to be enlisting in the army. Still, Inner Circles hope that YG Entertainment will give them some promotions before that time comes.

Many are saying that it will be hard for iKON to have a comeback due to B.I‘s departure from the group. Not only was he the leader, he was in charge on iKON’s whole discography. Since he left the group, iKON has not had a comeback.

All BIGBANG members have been discharged from the military. Already, the group is going to be the first male K-Pop group to perform in Coachella, which has fans hopeful for more group activities in the future.

There are no plans for a new group debut. What are you most excited about?

Source: Naver