“People Say My Face Has Changed A Lot” — GOT7’s BamBam Addresses Plastic Surgery Suspicions

BamBam’s looks have changed a lot since his debut.

GOT7‘s BamBam has been active as a K-Pop idol for nearly ten years, debuting in the group at just sixteen. The boy group member was known for being adorable, with fans loving his round cheeks.

GOT7’s BamBam at debut | JYP Entertainment

BamBam has grown into a very handsome man, showing off his masculine visuals in various ways, like on his cover of Men’s Health and in other random shots.

BamBam now | Men’s Health
| VOGUE Thailand
| Men’s Health

Apparently, BamBam’s visual changes through the years have caused some to believe the star’s looks are not natural, something he addressed in recent new content.

BamBam recently released his first solo full album, Sour & Sweet, and has begun promoting it on various programs.

One program is the 1theK Originals series, IDDP, where stars go online to see what fans say about them. BamBam’s unfiltered honesty makes him the perfect person for programs like this!

The star first began by reviewing his profile information, including information about his family and GOT7.

While reviewing his biography, BamBam runs across a gif of himself from around the time GOT7’s debuted. He immediately attempts to scroll past, becoming embarrassed about his past self.

After laughing a bit, BamBam says that there is something he’d like to address about this moment. He states that many people say his face has changed a lot since debut but shares that he “really didn’t have plastic surgery.

He then jokes about the matter, saying that if his face resulted from plastic surgery, “the place should be shut down.”

While plastic surgery is a personal choice, it is one that BamBam has made clear he did not pick for himself.