Here’s What People Are Most Surprised By When They Meet Her, According To AleXa

She explained exactly what it is!

As an artist known for her dynamic performances, AleXa is constantly impressing her fans, and recently revealed another fact about herself that interested them…and made her very relatable!

AleXa | @alexa_zbofficial/Instagram

AleXa recently participated in an interview with Seventeen magazine, where she answered questions about her personal and professional life!

One of the questions they asked her was,

What’s one thing people are most surprised to learn about you?

AleXa revealed that the one thing people are most surprised to learn when they get to know her is her exact height—she’s 4 ft. 11 inches, or 149 cm!

I think people are most surprised by the fact that I’m 4 ft 11 [inches], or 149 cm. People don’t really know who I am upon first discovering me, they’re very shocked to find out I’m only 4 ft 11!

Very small.


She’s an adorably small bean, but this dance queen’s insane stage presence and proportions totally make up for her short stature, and she owns it!

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You can watch her talk about it here!

And you can listen to her new song “Tattoo” here!