These People Thought They Found A Magic Rock That Cured Bone Pain… But They Were So Very Wrong

The shocking truth about a rock Pyeongchang locals believed had magical healing powers was revealed on a recent episode of  SBS’s Capture the Moment: How is that Possible?

The common belief among the residents of Pyeongchang was that the magic rock could cure bone diseases and massage the whole body to be healthier.

“My leg used to hurt when I bent my knees, but after I touched the magic rock twice, it was cured.”

Pyeongchang resident

When the crew members of Capture the Moment: How is that Possible? searched the nearby area, no other rocks appeared to have the same magic.

So, an expert was called in the test the rock himself and he found something suspicious.

As it turns out, the “magic” in the magic rock appeared to be electrical currents that were surging through it, possibly from a nearby house.

To test what was causing this, the crew shut the circuit breakers off in a nearby electrical panel and…the “magic” in the magic rock also ceased to function.

The expert explained the dangers of the electric shock everyone had been risking and stated that it needed to be fixed immediately.

The residents are thankful that no one got injured from this situation.

Watch the full clip below:

Source: Instiz