Performance girl group Black Queen announces its 2nd digital single release

Korean girl group Black Queen will be returning with their 2nd digital single after three years and four months.

Black Queen is most notably known among netizens as the best dance team with their choreography dance videos gaining over 800 million views in total. They have covered dances by top idols including 2NE1, 4MINUTE, BIGBANG, miss A, BTS, Sunmi, and more. Not only do they perform at events in Korea, but they have also found recognition and success with their cross over into China.

Currently, they are the faces and main models of Chinese cosmetics ISENO.

The girl group, who initially released their very first digital single Good Girl back in October 2012, will be dropping their 2nd digital single NOLJA on February 3rd. The single will be available Chinese as well as Korean as a thank you to Chinese fans for giving them their love.

Black Queen is currently made up of four members including Jandi, Jihyun, Sori, and Heesoo.

Image: Black Queen's Facebook Page
Image: Black Queen’s Facebook Page

Source: Sports Donga