Perpetrators Sued By IU’s Agency Responds With Even More Ridiculous Malicious Comments

They haven’t learned their lesson at all.

IU‘s agency, EDAM Entertainment, recently released an official statement updating the fans about their continuous legal fight against the malicious commenters and haters.

They recently won a lawsuit where the perpetrators were sentenced to a higher fine.

You’d think that the perpetrators would learn their actions after being sued by IU’s agency, but recent posts from a hater who was contacted by the police proved that they’re clearly far from apologetic.

One malicious commenter, “A”, posted online a screenshot of the text message that they got from the police after EDAM Entertainment submitted a file against his posts.

But “A” responded with even more hate and anger, claiming that they didn’t deserve to be sued.

I’m so f*cking mad. I didn’t even use severe curse words. I don’t understand why they’re suing me over this.

— “A”

The cafe members who saw the post agreed with “A” and claimed IU’s agency was exaggerating about their posts. They claimed they didn’t deserve to be sued and that a “public discussion” should be opened about it.

Thankfully, the haters’ opinions were not shared by the majority. IU’s fans and netizens rose up to defend IU and her agency’s fight. They criticized the haters for not being able to understand the severity of their actions.

“Good job IU~ Crush the haters! I support you.”

“You seem to be upset that you were sued for leaving malicious comments that didn’t use severe curse words. I hope you get jailed instead of getting away with a fineㅋㅋ”

“What’s with their way of talking gag… They need to sue them even harder.”

“These haters are sitting in the corner of their rooms cursing out a beautiful and talented woman…”

— Netizens

These malicious haters need to be put in their places, and to help, fans can submit screenshots and evidence of malicious comments to IU’s agency, EDAM Entertainment.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang