Personal Trainer Reveals How He Created BTS Jin’s World Famous Shoulders

He’s the mastermind behind top celebrities with the best bodies!

Yang Chi Seung, who’s a famous personal trainer among top celebrities, appeared on Video Star to talk about how he’s able to create “beast-dols (beast idols)”, which means celebrities with rugged muscled bodies.


He claimed that “a lot of idols come to [his] gym“, and he’s a specialist in creating “beast-dols“.

Before [in the early 2000s], idols had very skinny bodies. I personally really dislike those kinds of bodies. I only tell celebrities who are okay with leaving with muscular bodies you see in the States. If they’re okay with it, I ask them to come [train under me].

— Yang Chi Seung


Among those beastly idols that he created were 2PM and 2AM! He especially thought Changmin had the potential to win in competitions but the singer denied since being too muscular can ruin his ballad image.


He also revealed that he had trained BTS‘s Jin for his world-famous shoulders!


Jin is well known for his vast shoulder-width just as much as he’s known for his worldwide handsome face!


Yang Chi Seung revealed that Jin was already born with a naturally wide set of shoulders but he helped train his shoulder muscles so that Jin had the most handsome shoulders in the industry!

Jin already had wide shoulders [when he first came to me.] I only made it so that no one else can compare to his shoulders.

— Yang Chi Seung


Lastly, Yang Chi Seung revealed that one of his most famous works was with actor Kim Woo Bin. Kim Woo Bin came to him as a thin man with “very small shoulders” but built his God-like muscular body after training with him for 5 years!

When Kim Woo Bin first came to me, people made fun of his body by calling him a ‘pencil’. He had very small shoulders. He worked out a lot harder than I expected.

About 4 to 5 years later, I saw him get off of the elevator and he was glowing! His image completely changed after his body changed.

— Yang Chi Seung


Considering all of the top stars Yang Chi Seung helped to show off their best bodies, he’s surely won his title as one of the best celebrity fitness trainers in the industry!

Source: Sports Chosun