Petition against Kwanghee’s selection as The Sixth Man continues to rise in signatures

ZE:A‘s Kwanghee is experiencing many difficulties even before his official inauguration as the new member of Infinite Challenge for MBC. As of April 26th, over 8,300 people have signed a petition in opposition of Kwanghee joining the cast.

After Kwanghee was confirmed as the sixth member of MBC‘s Infinite Challenge, he was the target of much controversy. The most prevalent reason requesting Kwanghee to step down is due to his connection with ex-Jewelry member Yewon, who was criticized for her poor attitude towards actress Lee Tae Im while filming for MBC‘s Tutoring Through Generations.

Netizens in opposition of Kwanghee commented, “Ye Won deceived the whole nation, yet she is impudent enough to appear on television and laugh sarcastically without any direct apologies. Kwanghee is also part of the agency that has let this happen as it is today.”

Some netizens have responded, “Isn’t this too much for something people watch for entertainment?” “I feel bad for Kwanghee,” “I hope Kwanghee stays strong,” “Why on earth would they make Kwanghee step down for a variety show?” and other comments supporting Kwanghee.

On April 21st, Infinite Challenge has also stated their stance regarding the issue, “Kwanghee must adapt well. We hope no more people protest something we do for fun and laughter. Please regard him with much generosity as he will do well.”

Despite receiving congratulations from his fellow Sixth Man candidates and colleagues from the show, opposition to Kwanghee joining Infinite Challenge drew attention as netizens started a petition against him immediately after the official announcement on the April 18th episode of the program.

Source: Segye