PHANTOM’s Hanhae will hold his first solo debut stage on Mnet M! Countdown

Hanhae, from hip-hop male trio PHANTOM, will be holding his first ever solo debut stage this week on Mnet M! Countdown with his track, “Man of the Year.”

Through his SNS account, Hanhae revealed it to fans that he will be taking the stage later today on M! Countdown, which furthered fueled fans anticipation for his debut.

BrandNew Music, Hanhae’s agency, said on January 28th, “From Block B to Jung Yonghwa and Verbal Jint, we would like to thank all these musicians for their support. It took Hanhae a year to prepare for his solo album ‘365’ which resulted in the title track ‘Man of the Year’ to be revealed today. Please continue to give us your expectation and interest of Hanhae’s solo album.”

Ahead of his album’s release on January 30th, Hanhae will unveil his title track through M! Countdown on the show’s episode to air on the 28th.

Source: OSEN