PHANTOM’S Hanhae will be releasing his first solo album, “365”

It has been reported that Hanhae from the hip-hop group Phantom will release his first solo album and begin his solo stage performance by the end of the month.

Alone, Hanhae had collaborated with San E and Taewan back in April of 2014 through the single “Let’s Quit.” However, working on a full album with diverse songs all by himself is the first time since his debut with Phantom in 2011.

The title song, “The Man of the Year,” and eight other songs that flourish in different emotions are all in the album which Hanhae wrote and produced himself. This album can be truly called Hanhae’s unique album as it shows his musical talent and identity. He has also collaborated with other musicians that have unique colors to give the album a twist.

His agency Brand New Music stated during an interview with Star News that in the album are songs that, “consist many of the collaborations that Hanhae has done with popular underground R&B, hip-hop artists recently. This will help Hanhae to show his own music style different from the music with PHANTOM.”

Hanhae was once a trainee for Block B before debuting as PHANTOM in 2011. During his years after debut, Hanhae has been collaborating with many other artists, such as Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park), Juniel, Verbal Jint, San E, Taewan, Big Mama’s Lee Ji Young, Kim Hyun Joong, showing his skills in performance, vocal, rap, and an entertainer that continues to improve everyday. All the collaborations with different types of artists allowed Hanhae to be able to have a wide range of musical spectrum.

The album is named 365, with pre-orders of the album opening on January 15th, and will be released on the 30th.

Source: Star News