Phantom’s Sanchez celebrates his 29th birthday

Sanchez of Phantom celebrated his 29th birthday, uploading cheerful photos featuring both his fans and friends, such as Verbal Jint, to his Instagram.

Sanchez, rapper and vocal of Phantom turned 29 years old on October 17th. He updated his Instagram with a photo with Verbal Jint, the men posing with thumbs up towards the camera with Sanchez to his right, wearing a red cap. Verbal Jint stands in the middle, pointing at the two other men while flashing a daring smile.

The text reads, “Thank you for the msgs mentioning happy birthday (hands clasped) I think you all will be able to hear my voice (sing) passionately this winter??^~^ / ooooing Thanks to All My Fans ♡ #BIRTHDAYBOY #Sanchez #jintae hyung #chickenmixbirthdaypartyafterfinishingschedule”

Verbal Jint also uploads a video on his Instagram of fans singing happy birthday to Sanchez. The fans cheerfully sing in unison, while Sanchez struts happily across the stage, enjoying the sound of his fans singing to him.


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