PHANTOM’s Sanchez to feature in New Champ’s single “Good Night”

PHANTOM‘s rapper Sanchez has been revealed to be the featuring artist on New Champ‘s upcoming 2nd digital single LP 4 DA LADY.

LP 4 DA LADY is to come with two tracks – “I Know Everything” featuring Ji Hee Pil, and “Good Night” being the title track that is to feature Sanchez. The songs have attracted much anticipation upon the release of PJR Entertainment‘s statement, claiming, “A lot of effort has gone into creating a sound that has a different feeling to New Champ’s previous tracks.”

The producers who are involved in the making of the single include DJ Hasebe, newcomer Park Byung Dae, and BLACC HOLE, who had been involved in the production of Rainbow‘s hit “To You”.

New Champ debuted in April 2014 with “Yahagae”, featuring fellow labelmate and former Superstar K 4 contestant Kye Bum Joo and Ji Hee Pil, with LP 4 DA LADY being his latest work.

Check out “Yahagae” below if you haven’t already done so!

Source: Joy News