Photo concept that all K-pop loving friends should try together

How have you shown your love for your favorite idols? This simple photo concept can show your favorites how much you support them! It’s so easy that you and your friends can join in too.

A Vixx fan, Urimee on Instagram, decided to show how much she loved them by displaying all of her Vixx albums. She and her friends got together, gathered all their CDs from their favorite groups, and took a cute photo to cheer on the idols.

In the cute photo concept, the girls are wearing matching outfits and giving finger hearts to their favorite idols. Each girl is representing their favorite idols by wearing shirts that say the group they love the most. On the left, the girl is representing EXO, in the middle is BTOB, and at the end is Urimee representing Vixx

This is a fun photo concept to do with your friends who are as enthusiastic about kpop as you are. Gather you friends, and your albums, and show how much you love and support your favorite idol!

If this concept doesn’t agree with you how about replicating some of your favorite group’s red carpet poses?