Photo Of G-Dragon Looking Healthy In The Military Released And Fans Are Crying Happy Tears

Fans are anticipating his discharge.

Recently, a photo of BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon in the military was released. It has been a year since a picture of G-Dragon has been revealed, and fans were understandably excited when the photo came out.

He is seen with other men, smiling at the camera. Fans note how healthy he looks, commenting on his chubby cheeks and his glowing self.

Twitter went on a frenzy when the photos dropped, with his real name “Jiyong” trending in numerous places around the world.

Fans expressed how proud they were of him and how happy they are that he is alright and well.

VIPs miss G-Dragon and the other members of BIGBANG dearly, with many counting the days until they’re all discharged and can promote as a group again. For now, this photo of G-Dragon is enough to bring a smile to VIPs faces!