A Photo Showing “Boys Planet” Contestant Sung Han Bin Shirtless With Women Surfaces — Netizens React

The picture shows the idol with eight women.

A past photo of Sung Han Bin, who is currently competing in Mnet‘s Boys Planet, has netizens divided.

Sung Han Bin | Mnet

On March 20, a media outlet revealed that a past photo of Sung Han Bin with his friends was going viral. In the photo, Sung Han Bin is shown topless with 8 of his female friends.

Boys Planet Sung Han Bin’s past photo.


There is currently not much information on why the photo was taken, but the pictures have been enough to create a divide between fans.

While some fans reportedly stated they thought there was nothing wrong with the photos, others stated that they were uncomfortable seeing the idol with his shirt off and surrounded by women.

  • “I think this is the first picture from a male idol’s past that shows him without his shirt with women.”
  • “To be honest, this photo is a turnoff.”
  • “He’s still young, so why is he taking these photos?”
  • “It seems he took a friendship photo with his girl friends.”
  • “I think he just took his shirt off as part of a concept.”
  • “I don’t understand why people are saying this is controversial.”
  • “I think this is the most interesting past photo of him.”

Sung Han Bin is a popular contestant on Mnet‘s Boys Planet. The idol is currently ranked first in the competition.

Boys Planet current ranking (as of writing this article) | Mnet
Source: wikitree
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