Photos of Luhan with rumored girlfriend resurface on Chinese media

Rumors of Luhan in a relationship has resurfaced online with Chinese media reporting on the alleged photos of the couple.

On May 8th, Sina reported that Luhan’s long-time crush Wei Qiang Ya had updated her Weibo account with old photos of the two and raised questions as to whether the two were finally dating.

It was reported that between 2007 and 2010, the two attended school together in Beijing, but Luhan’s affections were only one-sided. Despite leaving for Korea to start his training, Luhan seemingly never forgot about her.

Rumors of the two dating originally surfaced in 2013 amongst EXO-Ls, though nothing was never confirmed. With the relationship still not confirmed from either side, fans were quick to dismiss the latest news by Sina as simply re-surfaced rumors.

While still being active in China as an ad model and actor, Luhan is currently in the middle of a lawsuit and dispute with SM Entertainment as he looks to withdraw from his contract, citing health issues and more.

Source: TV Report