Photos Of Idols With Their Pets Are Too Adorable To Handle

We all love idols who post silly selfies, but it gets extra adorable when they include their pets.

Not only are these idols extremely sweet and stunning, but their pets are also adorable and are sure to melt a lot of hearts.

CNBlue’s Jungshin

Jungshin is really close with his dog, Simba. Jungshin was even forehead to forehead with his dog while they both locked eyes with each other.

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BAP’s Zelo

Zelo’s puppy, Mochi is so important that Zelo even had a birthday party for him. He even created a separate Instagram account for his little cutie.

Nicole Jung

Nicole Jung, a former member of KARA, has three Australian Shepherds named Duke, Jasper, and Melly.

f(x)’s Amber

f(x)’s Amber actually owns two pets! In the first picture, she’s standing over her incredibly cute puppy, Jack Jack (JJ for short).

She also has a cat named Tuna, who’s wearing a cone and sleeping on Amber’s lap.

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri

Yuri has a little kitten named Moksa. It’s looking adorable with those bright eyes and small pink paw.


Ailee owns two cute Pomeranians, one named Somi and another one named Cookie. She also made an Instagram account for her furry companions.

EXID’s Hani

Hani’s cat, Party is so fluffy and looks like it just can’t wait to play with you.

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Minzy, a former member of 2NE1, has a poodle named Dougie. She’s looking up with her bright eyes like she wants you to pet her.

What other idols have adorable pets? Let us know in the comments below!