Photos of Red Velvet Joy At College Prove She’s The Most Beautiful Student On Campus

Red Velvet’s Joy shot some beautiful photos on campus for her latest drama!

Joy was spotted on campus looking more beautiful than ever… and it was actually a teaser for her new drama role!


In the latest still cuts released for upcoming MBC drama The Great Seducer, Red Velvet‘s Joy can be seen holding up the results from her college entrance examination, where she ranked first in each subject.


Joy will play the role of Eun Tae Hee, a 20-year-old student who has a fierce temper and thinks that the most pathetic thing ever is falling in love.


Instead of love, she’s 100% concentrated on her studies…


… that is until she meets the “great seducer”, Kwon Shi Hyun played by Woo Do Hwan!


The drama tells a story of Eun Tae Hee refusing to love until she meets the rich, handsome Kwon Shi Hyun.


An official from the drama commented on Joy’s dedication to her role.

“Joy is putting in all of her efforts into becoming Eun Tae Hee. She is an actress you can see grow with each and every filming. Please look forward to her.” — The Great Seducer Production Team


The first episode is set to air on March 12th.


Source: Dispatch

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