“Physical: 100” Contestant Kim Chun Ri Blasts Internet Trolls And Vows To Take Legal Action Against Them

“Do you have nothing to talk about other than my body?”

Netflix‘s Physical: 100 contestant Kim Chun Ri announced she would be taking legal action against malicious commenters.

Kim Chun Ri | Netflix

On February 7, Kim Chun Ri took to her Instagram to address some of the comments she received. Kim Chun Ri, who has been a lightning rod for attention ever since she debuted on Netflix’s Physical: 100, likened herself to a fish on a chopping block while comparing some of the comments to knives.

I can tolerate all of the malicious comments. I have ignored them thus far. But, the comments that are hardest for me to take are those that enlarge specific parts of my body and then cut me with their comments as if I am a fish on a cutting board.

— Kim Chun Ri

The athlete then laments the commenters, asking what she had done to deserve the malicious comments.

What did I do wrong? All I have ever done was work my hardest in a sport that I have loved for twenty years to become the best bodybuilder I can be. Did I do something to negatively affect you? Do you have nothing to talk about other than my body? Is that why you have to enlarge them for debate?

— Kim Chun Ri

Kim Chun Ri then stated that due to pictures enlarging her body parts and the malicious comments regarding them, she felt ashamed of her body and that she would be taking legal action against the perpetrators.

The photo that I uploaded was too graphic, so I am only uploading the name of the online community and the user’s ID. I have been sexually harassed. An acquaintance recently alerted me of this post that was uploaded years ago. The person enlarged a specific body part and subjected it to comments that made me feel sexually ashamed. I felt so miserable, and I have become numb to the shame. Imagine if this happened to you. Your mother or daughter may become a victim of sexual harassment by men like you.

Tomorrow I will meet my lawyers and begin the legal process. It’s too late, even if you delete them. I have already made copies of the comments, and even if you delete them, I can still find them. I have sued commenters before, so I know how this works. I am writing this because to sue for malicious comments, you have to let them know to begin the process. I don’t care whether you contact me out of fear. To those who sexually harassed me and to those who left malicious comments, good night.

— Kim Chun Ri

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Source: mydaily