“Physical: 100” Contestant Kim Da Young Is Hit With A String Of Bullying Allegations

Four of her alleged schoolmates accused her of being a bully.

Netflix‘s Physical:100 contestant, Kim Da Young, has been hit with several allegations accusing her of being a school bully.

Kim Da Young | @__dalami/Instagram

On February 14, a netizen’s post went viral in which they alleged that a contestant on the show bullied them.

The netizen alleged in the post that they went to the same Middle School as her and stated that she bullied them and their friends.

I went to the same Middle School as her, and that person was a 3rd-year student who was two years older than me. After my friends and I got to know her and her friends, we lived in hell for one year.

— Netizen

The netizen alleged that the contestant had forced them to give her money and stated how the experience had traumatized them.

Due to the calls and texts that wouldn’t stop until I gave her money, even after High School, my heart would skip a beat whenever my phone rang, and I would be afraid to pick up.

— Netizen

The netizen then stated that eventually, they went to her parents, who, along with the netizen, went to the contestant’s home and received an apology. After, however, the contestant then assaulted the netizen and their friends for telling on her.

The next week, she and her friend was waiting for me after school. She told me she was sorry for taking my money and said we should go to a karaoke room. (When we got there) I was forced to my knees, and she grabbed my hair and slapped my face. She then took my phone and told my friend to come out to the park late at night…

In the empty park, two of my friends were also hit in the same way as me. We were kicked in our stomachs and hit in the head while we were on our knees on the dirt floor. We couldn’t run away because she called her guy friends who would say things like ‘Strip them and make them get on their knees over the broken glass‘…

That day has become a scar that won’t go away for over ten years. After that day, I never saw the person again and didn’t know how she was living until I saw her face in an online cafe. When I saw she was being celebrated as a ‘cool person,’ my hands shook, and I couldn’t do anything.

— Netizen

As the post went viral, another netizen also alleged that they were bullied by the contestant giving credence to the original post. The netizen also alleged that they were extorted by the contestant and were physically assaulted by her.

I am a victim of the contestant who is one year younger than her. I was kicked in the face and hit in the stomach. A teacher came in while she was hitting me and stopped her. Her parents apologized, and she was punished, but nothing changed.

— Second alleged victim

Then a third netizen stated that they were also assaulted and that the contestant’s parents had also asked them to forgive their daughter. The netizen stated that they didn’t buy the school’s yearbook because they didn’t want to see the contestant’s face.

Other netizens came forward as well, including one schoolmate of the contest who stated that the contestant was well known for being a bully.

I went to the same school and when I saw Physical:100, I knew there would be a bullying controversy. She would always curse and was famous for bullying younger girls.

— Schoolmate

Then a fourth alleged victim came forward with a warning to the alleged bullies.

This person’s friends all seem to be living well, as if they did nothing wrong. The contestant’s friends shouldn’t think they will be able to live well forever. Those who bring harm to other people will pay for their sins before they die. I will live my life remembering and cursing you guys for hitting me, stealing my money, and making me massage your legs.

— Fourth alleged victim

Although the contestant’s name wasn’t revealed, many are alleging the bully to be Kim Da Young. It is known that Kim Da Young wanted to be a police office, but decided to become a stunt actor. Kim Da Young has since turned off her comments on her Instagram account after the allegations went viral.

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: wikitree and nate