“Physical: 100” Contestants Get Real On What Facing An Olympic Gold Medalist Is Like

Other contestants were afraid to meet his eyes.

The new Netflix reality series Physical: 100 has taken the world by storm with its star-studded cast and action-packed challenges. One hundred of the fittest South Korean men and women gathered to test themselves against each other in various skills-based competitions using their strength, agility, balance, and intelligence.

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Even among a crowd of the best physiques, a few participants stood out among the rest. One of them was Olympic gold medalist Yun Sung Bin, who won first place at the men’s skeleton racing event in 2018. He was recognized by many of the other contestants as possibly the most challenging opponent.

Yun Sung Bin | @top.physical/Instagram

In a review video for episodes three and four of the series, contestants Ma Sun HoShim Eu Ddeum, and BBULKUP gathered to share their inner feelings while being on the show.

(From left to right) Shim Eu Ddeum, BBULKUP, and Ma Sun Ho | Netflix Korea 넷플릭스 코리아/YouTube

When Yun Sung Bin appeared on the screen, the trio couldn’t help but express their admiration for him. The editors of Physical: 100 even labeled him as the “One You Wish to Avoid.” Ma Sun Ho explained that fierce competition didn’t phase Yun Sung Bin after being on a stage as big as the Olympics.

During the scene of Yun Sung Bin selecting his opponent for the first challenge, Shim Eu Ddeum said that many people dropped their heads to avoid meeting the Olympian’s eyes.

The group also complimented Yun Sung Bin’s competitor Lee Dae Won, who was an accomplished MMA fighter, but they knew that Yun Sung Bin was on a completely different level from most of the contestants in the show.

It was a good match, but ultimately Yun Sung Bin easily won. Watching his movements, the trio was reminded of his dominance.

After fifty participants on Physical: 100 were eliminated in the first round, fans are excited to see who can survive until the end. Although Yun Sung Bin is a clear favorite to win it all, there’s no telling what will happen next.

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