Picture Of Yeri Being “Attacked” With Lasers At Graduation Leave Fans Worried

Red Velvet Yeri graduated from Hanlim Multi Art Highschool on February 9 and she looked incredibly happy about the joyous milestone.

However, on this joyous day, photos of Yeri being “attacked” by lasers was brought up by a concerned fan and soon people started accusing anti-fans of terrorizing her.

However, these lasers being shot at Yeri’s face were not malicious, unlike the time IOI was attacked.

The lasers on Yeri aren’t just a single red dot so concerned fans thought that these were multiple anti-fans and were incredibly appalled that there might be a large group of anti-fans attacking her…

The reason why there are multiple red laser lightings on her face is that of a camera’s feature called the autofocus assist beam.

The autofocus assist beam lasts less than a second and it’s used by photographers to help them focus in low light settings.

Even though it might look malicious it is far from the truth. Compare the laser’s pattern with the lighting below and you will see that it matches perfectly.

Luckily, Yeri was not harmed and the concerns about anti-fans attacking her were false! She was truly happy with her graduation!

Red Velvet