Pilates Instructors Reveal If Idols Get Discounts By Posting On Social Media

Here’s the inside scoop.

Professional pilates instructors Shasha Jeong and Park Eun Seon recently sat down for an interview with YouTube channel AYO, where they debunked common misconceptions about their profession.

Shasha Jeong. | AYO/YouTube
Park Eun Seon. | AYO/YouTube

One of the many intriguing questions they were asked was regarding celebrity discounts.

Do celebrities get discounts for pilates classes by posting pilates pictures?


According to Park Eun Seon, they never offer discounts to celebrities even if other studios do.

We never do that. For other pilates studios, idols can post pictures and get more discounts from that.

— Park Eun Seon

If ever one of their celebrity customers does post a picture, it’s not because they receive anything in return.

But idols from our studio just post it because we’re close, and sometimes they go ‘teacher, please take a picture of this‘ first.

— Park Eun Seon

She reiterated that their celebrity clients get “no discount at all“. Shasha Jeong also agreed with her wholeheartedly. She explained that her labor, experience, and business costs do not come cheap.

Shasha Pilates has been around for 14 years, and we cannot offer our labor for free.

— Shasha Jeong

She further explained that celebrities are eligible for a discount, but so are regular customers.

They would get a 10% celebrity discount at most, but you can also get a 10% discount from monthly promotions.

— Shasha Jeong

She does her best to train her customers, and they are grateful for her help even if they aren’t offered an exclusive discount.

I do my best when I train them and they’re thankful to me because they can see that their bodies get in shape.

— Shasha Jeong

She ended by reiterating how they do not offer discounts to idols.

Watch the full episode below.

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