“Pink Blood?”: PinkPantheress Finally Reveals Her K-Pop Stan List & It’s Definitely… Pink!

“Honestly, I’m a long-time K-Pop fan.”

PinkPantheress, the rising British artist known for her dreamy pop sound and relatable lyrics, recently shared her love for K-Pop with her fans. Following her several interactions with different NCT members, fans have been wondering what her full stan list looks like. In an interview with iHeart Radio‘s Countdown, the singer finally mentioned all of her favorite K-Pop artists, and something about the list makes us think she’s a bit of an SM Entertainment fan, also known as Pink Bloods.

1. NCT 127

One of PinkPantheress’ top picks is NCT 127, the SM boy group known for its captivating performances, powerful music, and unique concepts. NCT 127’s versatility and the way they can switch between different genres with ease, from their catchy electro-pop track “Kick It” to their smooth R&B ballad “No Longer,” is definitely one of the reasons PinkPantheress has them top of her stan list.

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2. NCT U

Another group that PinkPantheress adores is NCT U, another unit of NCT that features different members for each comeback. The unit has plenty of songs to choose from, starting with their debut, “The 7th Sense,” to their more recent releases like “90s Love.” With NCT U being a rotational unit, there’s no end to the charms each member can demonstrate, so it’s no surprise they’re so high up on her list.

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3. NCT Dream

NCT Dream, the youthful sub-unit of NCT, is also on PinkPantheress’ list of favorites. The group has captured the hearts of many fans, including the talented British artist, with their talent, personality, and reliability. Through their youthful energy and concepts, the members of NCT Dream often share their personal experiences and growth through their music, which allows fans to connect with them on a deeper level.

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4. Red Velvet

Red Velvet, the beloved girl group known for their eclectic discography and strong vocal abilities, is another one of PinkPantheress’ top picks. One of the two girl groups on her stan list, it’s easy to understand why Red Velvet is among PinkPantheress’ favorites. All members of the quintet are extremely talented in all aspects, and when they come together, they create some of the best music and concepts in the industry.

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5. SHINee

Seems like PinkPantheress’ love for SM artists isn’t limited by recency, as SHINee is also among her favorites. The legendary boy group has given fans many reasons to love them, from powerful vocals to catchy performances and addictive music. All things we’re sure PinkPantheress, as an artist herself, recognizes and appreciates. She even shared that she’s been a long-time K-Pop fan when talking about SHINee.

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6. f(x)

Only the second girl group on the list, f(x) joins Red Velvet on top of PinkPantheress’s favorite girl groups. The quintet has always been popular for their experimental music and for pushing the boundaries of what K-Pop entails as a genre, something PinkPantheress herself is also considered to be doing among Western artists. So, it’s only natural the singer was drawn to f(x) and their music.

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7. EXO

EXO, the massively popular SM boy group known for its powerful vocals and synchronized dancing, is another group that PinkPantheress loves. While there’s a lot to love about EXO, the group’s impressive discography, intricate choreography, and charismatic members are definitely some of the things that turned PinkPantheress into a fan.

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