Rabbit-Masked Rookie Idol Vows To Never Take Off Her Mask Unless They Rank #1 On Billboard

No one knows what she looks like underneath the mask.

Rookie girl group, Pink Fantasy, recently debuted with their first song ‘iriwa (Come Here)’. With an addictive hook and beautiful visuals, the girls looked forward to making their mark in the competitive industry.


Perhaps it was to stand out among the harsh competition, but one of the members caught the eyes of the netizens with an unusual outfit.


One of the members debuted wearing a rabbit mask! Her stage name is Daewang, which has a similar meaning to ‘top dog’ in Korean.


According to her profile, she is in charge of handling the members and “disappearing”. No one has seen her take off her mask yet!


Although she wears a mask, Daewang puts on a mic and performs with the rest of the members.


And she vows to never take off her mask unless their song ranks #1 on a Billboard chart!

“If we rank #1 on Billboard charts, I will take off my mask and show everyone my face.”

— Daewang


Netizens have mostly been negative with their response towards Daewang and her special secret. However, Daewang did prove successful in gaining attention for her group.


Here’s to a day when Pink Fantasy charts on Billboard and Daewang can finally take off her mask!

Source: MK News and Nate Pann