PinkFantasy’s Never-Before-Seen Member Daewang Finally Ditches The Rabbit Head Mask… Kinda 

Over two years since debut, fans had never caught a glimpse of Daewang’s face… until now.

There are plenty of unique things about PinkFantasy, from their Alice in Wonderland-inspired concept to the 15-year age gap between the original oldest and youngest members. But, without a doubt, nothing is more unusual than the group’s “hidden member”, Daewang.

Daewang (whose name translates to “Great King”) is the rapper, vocalist, and face of PinkFantasy. However, her own face is not the one that represents the group—instead, she wears a rabbit head mask during every public appearance.

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According to PinkFantasy’s lore, Daewang represents the White Rabbit character in Alice in Wonderland, leading fans into the groups mysterious world.

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While rumor had it that Daewang would only remove her mask if the group got its first win on a music show, fans say she actually chooses the wear it because of stage fright and doesn’t intend to remove it any time soon—win or no win.

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That means that over two years since PinkFantasy’s debut, Daewang’s true identity has never been revealed and fans have never seen her face… until now.

PinkFantasy is gearing up to release a new single, “Lemon Candy”, on January 21. But while fans expected to see Daewang in her rabbit head mask in teasers, she seems to have partially ditched it for the new comeback. In its place is a new cat mask that only covers part of her face, allowing fans to see her full lips and “V” jawline for the first time.

Daewang pictured on the far right of the back row. | MyDoll Entertainment

Daewang still appears with her rabbit head on in her individual teaser, but both group photos show her without it.

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According to reports, Daewang will be wearing the cat mask during “Lemon Candy” stages so she can perform more comfortably, keeping the rabbit mask for the music video and other appearances.

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Unsurprisingly, since catching their first glimpse of Daewang’s face, fans have been gushing over how pretty she looks.

Some are hoping this is the first step to Daewang feeling comfortable enough to remove her animal masks altogether, while others hope she sticks to the fun and unique persona on stage.