PinkFantasy Member Withdraws From The Group Due To Anxiety And Depression

She is only 14 years old.

PinkFantasy‘s company, Mydoll Entertainment, has announced that member Heesun has left the group. They revealed in a statement that Heesun has been receiving therapy for depression and anxiety.

Added to her continuous use of her personal social media, and the company claimed that it was best that she withdraw from PinkFantasy.


This is Mydoll Entertainment.

We apologize to all fans for this bad news.

As of October 18th, member Heesun has left PinkFantasy.

For a while, Heesun has been getting rest. In that time, she has been receiving treatment and therapy for depression and anxiety.

The company has allowed her to minimize her practices and let her stay with her family in order to stabilize her condition.

However, there have been recent inappropriate activity on her personal social media.

The company deliberated on whether her social media could negatively affect the image of PinkFantasy.

Unfortunately, it was decided that it would be difficult for Heesun to continue as a member of PinkFantasy. She has left the group and will self-reflect.

To all the fans who have loved PinkFantasy, we are truly sorry for delivering this news. However, the remaining members will continue to promote as a group. We hope that the fans will not engage in excessive speculations. The company will be careful and ensure that the other members will not have to suffer and worry.

We apologize again for the bad news. We hope to present a better image of PinkFantasy from now on. Thank you

– Mydoll Entertainment

Fans are receiving the news more graciously, understanding that the K-Pop industry is tough and sympathizing that Heesun is only 14 years old.

PinkFantasy was known for their girly concept and having a member perform in a rabbit costume without revealing her identity.

Source: PinkFantasy Twitter