Plans For TREASURE13’s Debut Have Been Put On Hold

Their future is uncertain.

YG Entertainment has put TREASURE13‘s debut on hold following Yang Hyunsuk‘s departure from the company.

The boys of TREASURE13 were formed through the YG Entertainment survival show YG Treasure Box. They were originally planned to debut in May-July. However, due to the scandals surronding the company and a new CEO, the future of their debut is uncertain.

YG Entertainment was consistenly updating fans with members’ profile images and behind the scenes videos, but they are not unavilable on YG’s official website.

Yang Hyunsuk was in charge and oversaw TREASURE13’s debut and his withdrawal from the company makes their debut unsure. Some wonder if it will even push through.

Previously, YG Entertainment teamed up with JTBC to create the survival show MIXNINE. Originally meant to debut the final line-up of male trainees, they ended up not debuting since the representative companies of each members did not agree with the long contract time. Many wonder if the same with happen to TREASURE13 and they will end up never debuting altogether.

Source: Daum