Plastic Surgeon Analyzes BTS V’s Face Calling It The ‘Golden Ratio’

Even a plastic surgeon doesn’t have anything bad to say about BTS’s V!

A plastic surgeon in Korea posted a video online of him analyzing BTS V’s face from a doctor’s perspective.

Although he promises to analyze it from a professional standpoint, he can’t help but admire V’s good looks.








He starts off by explaining what is called the ‘Golden Ratio’.




The ‘Golden Ratio’ is when all sides, vertically and horizontally, are spaced evenly on the face.




He draws lines on the photo to show how balanced V’s face is.




Even during his analysis he can’t help but admire V’s good looks!




He also describes V’s profile line to be very rare for a Korean person’s face.




He compares the nose type to the younger days of Leonardo DeCaprio and believes that V’s mix of feminine and masculine features is what appeals to people all over the world.




He can’t seem to analyze anything else as V’s side profile is basically flawless.




V is plastic surgeon-approved to be the ‘golden ratio’ of Westerners.




He concludes with this.






Take a look at the full video below!