Plastic Surgery Clinic’s Security Camera Footage Is Leaked — Victims Include Celebrities

Was it a hacker?

Footage from an IP camera at a famous plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam was leaked on an online community site, exposing 30 victims who are all women, including celebrities.


The news reported that 31 videos were leaked—1.5 GB worth of footage. The person who distributed the video wrote a post titled “Plastic Surgery IP Cam” at around 9:51 p.m. on March 5 with five days’ worth of the clinic’s security footage from the end of February.

The footage showed the doctors going in and out of the room and patients changing in and out of their clothes and getting treatment.


An IP camera is a digital security camera that uses an IP network to send data. These cameras do not require a recording device but only the internet, making them easier to hack into.


The cyber investigation department of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency is currently investigating how the footage was acquired and leaked.


Source: KBS News/YouTube and JTBC News
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