Plastic Surgery Clinic Illegally Releases Pictures Of Suzy

A plastic surgery clinic in Thailand has been using an image of miss A‘s Suzy without permission to promote their service. 

Posters featuring Suzy along with promotions for plastic surgery written in Thai have been spreading online and have reached her agency JYP Entertainment. In response to the poster, personnel from JYP Entertainment confirmed suspicions, saying:

“Suzy has not made any deals with a plastic surgery agency. We are looking into the situation and discussing possible methods of retaliation.”

The image of Suzy used in the poster were from a past photo shoot with jewelry brand Swarovski. Because she’s known for her natural beauty, fans were skeptical that she would be modeling for a plastic surgery clinic, and were relieved to hear her agency’s response. Although the surgery clinic does business in Thailand, it is said to be a Korean-run company, and will likely hear from JYP Entertainment in the near future.

The advertisement say “Eyes + Nose – Promotion for 150,000 baht”
suzy 2
Original photo from Suzy’s photoshoot with Swarovski.

The main problem with such use of her images does not only stop in that it is illegal but in that it insinuates that Suzy has had plastic procedures done.

Suzy and her fans have proven multiple times that Suzy’s natural through comparison pictures. Left: Suzy from middle school. Right: Suzy during 2015.

This isn’t the first time Suzy was swept up in illegal use of her images and will most likely not be the last due to the fact that her popularity makes her a very desirable advertisement model.

Source: Chosun