Play M Entertainment Releases Official Statement Regarding Malicious Comments Towards Apink’s Oh Hayoung

They will take strong action.

Apink’s agency has revealed that they will be taking strong legal actions towards malicious comments about Oh Hayoung.

| @_ohhayoung_/Instagram

Play M Entertainment posted through Apink’s official fan café that they have found a number of malicious comments related to personal attacks, sexual harassment, and false facts regarding Oh Hayoung. “We have understood the seriousness of this situation through reports sent in by fans and through constant monitoring. We will continue to monitor and collect data that can damage or defame the artists’ reputation.”

They stated that they would continue to work hard in order to protect the image and safety of their artists. “We will take strong legal action and continue to work hard to protect our artists. Please show a lot of love and interest to Apink.”

Below is the official statement released by the agency:

Hello this is Play M Entertainment. On July 19, we found numerous cases of malicious comments towards Apink’s Oh Hayoung including personal attacks, sexual harassment, and false facts. We have understood the severity of the situation through reports from fans and personal monitoring of the matter. We will continue to collect data that could damage or defame the artist.

| @_ohhayoung_/Instagram

We will continue to receive reports from fans and we hope that fans will report them to the fan email so that we can carefully review and respond to these comments. We will continue to take strong actions to protect the rights and interest of our artists. We ask for your love and interest for Apink. Thank you.

Previously, Oh Hayoung as well as other girl group members revealed the news of their “FC Rumor W” soccer team. However, news of their new women soccer team gained hate online, claiming that the team was made in order to “fraternize” with members of the men’s team.

Oh Hayoung and gugudan’s Sejung posted messages of clarification and even apologized for the misunderstanding.

The FC Rumor W Instagram is currently switched to private and the posts regarding the news have been deleted from the artists’ social media.

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