PlayM Entertainment Officially Announces Han Seungwoo’s Return To VICTON

He’s making his return as VICTON’s Han Seungwoo!

Han Seungwoo, formerly part of X1, is officially returning as VICTON‘s Han Seungwoo!


On January 29, PlayM Entertainment uploaded a post on Twitter, officially announcing that Han Seungwoo would be rejoining VICTON, and the group would be preparing for a March comeback.


Hello. This is PlayM Entertainment.

We would like to make an announcement about Han Seungwoo’s future activities.

Han Seungwoo is currently preparing diligently for the fan meeting, where he will be able to greet precious fans and repay all the love that they have given him.

After the fan meeting, Han Seungwoo will be returning to VICTON, and will continue to take part in activities with them. VICTON is currently preparing to make their comeback in March.

Our agency will actively do our best to support the activities of the VICTON members, including Han Seungwoo, in various ways, and we will do our best to create many opportunities for them to communicate well with fans.

We ask fro your warm love and support for the 7 members of VICTON, Han Seungwoo, Kang Seungsik, Heo Chan, Im Sejun, Do Hanse, Choi Byungchan, and Jung Subin as they take a new step forward.

Thank you.

—PlayM Entertainment


VICTON made their debut on November 9, 2016 with the mini album Voice To New World, and title track “I’m Fine”. In 2019, members Seungwoo and Choi Byungchan participated in the survival show Produce X 101. Seungwoo made the final cut for X1, but the group disbanded in early January due to the controversies surrounding the show.

Han Seungwoo is scheduled to hold his solo fan meeting on February 8.

Are you excited to see Han Seungwoo again?