Fans Call For Play M Entertainment To Protect Huening Bahiyyih After A Recording Of A Twitter Space Hating On Her Was Released

Who could hate this sweet girl?

Huening Bahiyyih was recently declared as part of the debut lineup for Kep1er after the conclusion of Girls Planet 999. However, sad to say, she has been the target of multiple malicious comments from haters. While most comments on online communities simply denoted their opinions on her debut, the line was crossed when an audio recording of a Twitter Space was released. In the recording, fans of the other girls on Girls Planet 999 made mean, nasty comments that Bahiyyih should be bullied.

  • “What position is Huening Bahiyyih?”
  • “I don’t know.”
  • “Doesn’t seem like she does anything.”
  • “Wow…”
  • “I guess getting cursed at is also a position.”
  • “I guess thanks to her, the others may get cursed at less.”
  • “Even if outcast rumors surface in the group, I think I’ll be so happy.”
  • “Oh I thought of that too just now. It’s such a bad thought but Huening Bahiyyih, really. This is totally legal.”
  • “Won’t you feel like it’s deserving even if she gets outcast? Even though humanistically it’s not it to outcast people, I haven’t really seen any kind people apart from one.”
  • “I think even if she’s outcast, it’ll be quite refreshing. It might be bad but don’t you guys think that if she’s outcast it’ll be refreshing?”
  • “The kids are kind so I don’t think they will though.”

The OP also released a list of accounts that were involved in the Twitter Space as speakers. Upon being asked why they released a full list when only two people were speaking directly about Huening Bahiyyih, the OP clarified that the other speakers were in the position in which they could defend Bahiyyih or stop the discussion, but did not. The accounts seem to be fans of the other girls from the show.

Fans are rightfully outraged. What makes things worse is that Bahiyyih is still a minor. A template is under way for mass emails to Play M Entertainment to urge them to step up. On the other hand, fans provided an email account to wish Play M Entertainment’s staff could be reached for the matter.

Fans also urged other fans to email Wake One Entertainment as Bahiyihh will soon be under their care as a member of Kep1er.

Bullying and outcasting should never be condoned, minor or not. Hopefully Bahiyyih’s agency will deal with the matter strongly!